The Flower Shed Eco statement and flower sourcing

We want to be as environmentally aware as possible, it is in keeping with our philosophy! We do our best to offer options to our customers, as well as ensuring our process are affordable and appropriate to our client and venue.

If you would like us to use 100% biodegradable materials in our designs or arrangements, just ask, we can discuss the best way to go about this.

Where we can we will source and work with our local and English growers, however the realities are that when we do source from other countries we know their methods of heating and natural light are often much kinder than you think, and that transporting flowers is often done via passenger flights as cargo fillers, so what we mean is that we will always do our best to support local businesses but we will also ensure we can keep all of our customers happy!



The Flower Shed

The Flower Shed is committed to supplying Cornwall with the finest flowers and foliage from local growers and producers all around the world

We supply and design fresh flowers for corporate events and clients, create stunning bridal bouquets for our brides-to-be and handpick quality blooms for our local florists to use