Top tips to care for your flowers

  • Use cut flower food, do not use sugar, lemonade, pennies or bleach!
  • Do not bash the stems, this can prevent them from taking up water, better still make a small diagonal snip at the end of each stem to help them drink.
  • Place your flowers in a cool place as this will extend their vase life
  • Only remove foliage and thorns below the water line
  • Use a clean vase and tap water, changing water every 2 days if you can
  • Keep your flowers away from fruit as the ethaline gas can turn the flowers much quicker
  • Lastly, enjoy them!



The Flower Shed

The Flower Shed is committed to supplying Cornwall with the finest flowers and foliage from local growers and producers all around the world

We supply and design fresh flowers for corporate events and clients, create stunning bridal bouquets for our brides-to-be and handpick quality blooms for our local florists to use